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Greetings to you, my fellow believers!

I would like to formally offer my deepest gratitude for your interest in participation and partnering with me in this next journey as a part of Kingdom Royalty!  I believe God is doing great and mighty things to enhance and expand the Kingdom of God. It is such an honor to be counted worthy to be a part of this great end-time harvest!

Before I go into any specific details, let me explain.  As many of you may have heard, I recently published my first book, Road to Royalty: Memoires of a Pauper Traveling with the King.  If you haven’t picked up a copy, I encourage you to do so; if for nothing else than see how His fingerprint of approval is all over this particular project (as writing and illustrating was not on my radar when I sat down to let the creative side of me out of the box).

A week before Road to Royalty was uploaded for publication, I was directed to remove an entire entry from the book which soon became a second book/easy reader all by itself, entitled “Crosswalk: Prelude to Royalty.” This is actually a short story I wrote months before I began any other work. Prior to its removal, it had another name. Holy Spirit spoke clearly with precise, detailed instructions to remove and rename-I obeyed.

Shortly after both were published, I began to dive into revelations I received toward the end of compiling Road to Royalty. “Your crown is not another accessory-it carries a mandate.”  I saw very quickly a third and then the fourth (and final) books of the “Royalty” series: Married to the King: Diary of the Bride (in addition to Royalty) and Battlefield: Letters Home-Jubilee for Kingdom Royalty!

It is the finale of the “Royalty” series that I extend this invitation to you! I am interactive by nature; meaning it is my hearts desire to teach, expound, include and engage every reader at every level of spiritual growth.

In Crosswalk, I included my own letter sample to my younger self to bring healing and freedom along with a picture of that young girl to better pull it together. In the back is a space to put one’s own picture and write a personal letter as well.

Included in Road to Royalty Memoires is a reflection tab to better understand the text, a simple prayer to pray, and plenty of space to journal a response. Also included separately is a journal to create and expound on one’s own unique “Road to Royalty” experience.

Married to the King is set to have journaling space as well to dialogue with our Husband, Christ our King!

Finally, let’s talk about Battlefield. This is where you come in. Why the word “Royalty”? I struggled with the spirit of rejection for years and wrote an entire book about that dialogues the freedom journey (Road to Royalty).  “Royalty” means belonging to the Kingdom of God. A royal priesthood, a holy nation.

Nation. As in one nation. A nation of believers. Past, present, and future.

“Battlefield” is a collection of letters written by fifty different authors. You and me. Letters designed to reach back into our rich spiritual heritage from generations past, reflect on our positions now, and release the glory of God into our present and future generations.

Essentially, we are reminding those around us there are mantels left to be picked up, put back into place and call the prodigals home into “Kingdom Royalty.” 


Welcome aboard!

Please see included the letter my grandmother wrote to me almost twenty years ago as a reference. This is my entry.


Are you ready to become a co-author of "Battlefield - Jubilee For Kingdom Royalty Letters Home?"

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