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$29.95 (plus s&h)

Road To Royalty

Wow, Look at what God can do when we invite Him into our everything! "Road to Royalty" initially began as a memoir of His goodness during the dark seasons of my life. I figured as I memorialized each entry, my children would have these God moments to glean from as well. Midway through, I received a reminder from Holy Spirit that ultimately launched my creative side to a whole new level!


Join me as I share significant learning events with Rhema impartation in my life that ultimately culminated with absolute resolve in my position in Christ Jesus as Royalty. As you read, I believe Holy Spirit will reveal similarities in your "Road to Royalty" through each entry. Journal your interactions with the Lover of your soul as we pray together, kick the devil in the teeth, and expose all of his lies! May the weight of crown upon your head be tangibly felt and immovable here forth.

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$18.95 (plus s&h)

Road To Royalty Journal

"It helps to put things in order!"


These were the words of my dad while I was putting together my Road to Royalty. I initially hesitated, but as I neared completion, it became impossible to avoid. I had each entry written, armed with the Rhema impartation and totality of each impact. I titled each on a sticky pad and laid them out in order from beginning to end, from the earliest thumbprint of God on my life to the present.


As I did so, I began to have more impartation and revelation as each piece began to snap into place. As you begin to put your "Road to Royalty" in order, be creative. Use your journal entries from the book to gather His perspective.

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Road To Royalty Bundle

Get the Road To Royalty Bundle 


R2R Paperback Book

R2R Journal

Custom RT2 Bag


$60.00 (includes s&h)

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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