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"Chatty Kathy"

I remember once as a young girl (I was probably 13 or 14. 15 at the oldest) sitting in a restaurant with my sisters and dad for a family meal. Seated next to my Dad was my older sister. At some point during the meal, I noticed the engaged, purposeful conversation between my dad and my older sister. I wanted so badly to engage in the conversation-any conversation with him-but my mouth seemed to be glued shut. I remember feeling my throat begin to burn as tears were building up. I was screaming on the inside but somehow the words just weren't there. I remember feeling "less than" because there was no exchange between us.

As an adult, I think back on memories like this and ponder the why's. I didn't understand my own feelings back then but with the benefit of Sozo ministry I can see where the enemy was trying to attack my fragile spirit. Once a new born again Christian I was amazed at how easy it was to engage in casual conversation with God whether while washing a load of dishes, unloading the washer, or sitting in living room-just the two of us.

Daddy absolutely loves to hear from His girls. No matter the subject. No matter our tangled messed up emotional mess, He can handle it all. He leans in to our voices when we begin to speak.

And He loves to converse with us. Listen for His voice. Get out your conversation cards and get ready for a chat with Daddy.

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