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My America

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

I always love my days off from work. Who doesn't right? Since my boys have gotten older and can get themselves up for their day, I have the added luxury to sleep in as long as I'd like. Not that I could sleep the day away or anything or like that. I simply enjoy the fact that if my internal alarm clock goes off in the wee hours of the morning, I have the option to ignore it.

This morning though for whatever reason felt quite different. I don 't remember dreaming of anything in particular, but I was reminded (before my eyes even pooped open) of a picture I drew recently of our American Flag. It is a charcoal drawing. Nothing spectacular...but I know what prompted me to sketch in out to begin with back in January. It was a righteous anger burning on the inside for my America.

Yes, MY America-my Great United States of America. One Nation Under God-AMERICA. The America that my Grandparents defended while they were in the military. The America my Dad served during Vietnam. The America my cousins, niece and nephew are serving now for. My America.

As I lay thinking upon this sketch of our great flag and the sense of pride I felt and feel at the present moment, I can not help but to be angered all over again-seeing and hearing news reports and headlines of events and agendas that threaten to dismantle our democracy and freedom that we all enjoy as American citizens. It is not an anger I am ashamed of. Nor it is it an anger that requires repentance or bridling. It is evidence of my love for my God, my family, and my country. And it is here-in this moment-I can see the heart of David when Goliath was taunting Israel.

I can hear that same righteous anger being released today on behalf of OUR AMERICA.

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