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Rise and Shine Oh Royalty!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Writing "Road to Royalty" is a dream come for me. I knew several years ago I would one day author a book with this title. However: I had no idea what it would like. I really had myself believing that in order to write or publish a book, it would require so much more than I was prepared or qualified for.

During a difficult and dark season of my walk with Jesus, I began to dig deep in the wells of His goodness toward me. I began typing them out as an outlet to keep that goodness on the forefront of my mind. I also thought, "This would be nice for my boys to have one day-my legacy for them." It was while I was typing them out Holy Spirit reminded of this book I was destined to write.

"Katherine, your "Road to Royalty" is uniquely yours. Tell your story." With these instructions and the creative gift He has given to me, I began to put it together. It was amazing to me as I wrote how much inner healing I continued to receive as I "journaled." It as in the healing I was also prompted to allow space for the readers to also journal.

I have also included a second blank journal for you. Tell your story. Arise and Shine, Oh Royalty!

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