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"Sir, Yes Sir!"

I had a dream a while back. It was not a very long or detailed dream...but it was a dream that grabbed my attention with an urgency I still have not been able to shake off.

There was a long line of soldiers dressed their fatigues with weapons in hand. They were not scared. They were not timid. There was no fear among them. I was however, drawn to several empty spaces in the battle line. As I pondered in the dream, "Lord, why are You showing me this?" I heard in a loud shout, "Soldiers, Get Back in Line! Hold your places!" Immediately soldiers ran up to the battle line to join their fellow soldiers. When I awakened, I immediately understood what He was showing me.

Now is the time to be steadfast and immovable in our position in Christ.

What is our position in Christ? We are Royalty. Seated in heavenly places. We have been given authority over all demonic forces. We have the authority to bring heavenly realities to earth.

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